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Chiefs' Blog

KOZYTime- September 2016

Time is flying and fall is almost here! Yet another beautiful time of year in LA. Thanks for all of your hard work these last few weeks! See below for recent and upcoming events, as well as suggestions on a few fun LA activities to do on your day off this month. And for some great pictures of your co-residents!


Recent Events

The med-peds "firm" organized another wonderful Fun Friday on behalf of the Wellness Committee with Churros and Charades.





LA Activities

While it may still be warm out, embrace the fall spirit by visiting:


Upcoming Events

Finally, we have fall retreat coming up on Friday, September 30! We are looking forward to all getting together for program updates, feedback, food truck lunch, and a fun afternoon on the ropes course! 


Take care of yourselves, and each other,




KOZYTIME-August 2016

One month down!!! 11 more to go!!

July was a crazy busy month for everyone with all the transitions, but we've heard so many good things about all of you from the faculty, nurses, and the patients! Thanks so much for taking wonderful care of your patients.

Updates from July - our first wellness event of the year at the Annenberg Community Beach House of the year was a smashing success with almost 60 people who attended, thanks to the excellent planning from Michael Layoun, Kelly Chuang, Aline Zorian, and Raj Suri! We spent an amazing day at the beach playing volleyball and football, swimming, eating yummy food, and lounging on the sand.


Faysal happened to do some healing at the beach as well.


Next up: our first Wellness Fun Friday (in place of noon conference) on August 19th - mark your calendars! And can't wait for more fun +1 wellness events for all of those who weren't able to come.

In the hospital, there have been pokemon literally everywhere.

In the Santa Monica medicine library..

In the workrooms, when we are trying to get work done..

On attending heads...

And jumping on housestaff babies (This is Ellie, Simon's baby)!!

Have a wonderful month everyone! We are trying to make some improvements to our medres website - so far we've simplified the layout, added a Life Nuts & Bolts (under Wellness tab) which gives suggestions on fun things to do, places to eat, etc, and added a  frequently called numbers/pagers section (under Nuts & Bolts). We are trying to get a mobile friendly version as well. But if you have other suggestions, please let us know!









KOZYTIME - July 2016

Welcome to all our new interns and congrats to all our R2/R3s for continuing to move up the totem pole! We the KOZYCHieFs are here!! Our goal this year is to be KOZY - we are here for you, whether you need someone to talk to, some candy to give you a sugar boost, or a hug to get you through the day. 


But you all are doing a great job of KOZYing up to each other as well! See this picture of the entire intern class singing happy birthday to one of our new interns, Ethan Greenblatt, during orientation. 







We also encourage you to start planning your wellness events during your +1 weeks! Firm C (firm naCho) recently had a happy hour at Culver Hotel. Just make sure you ask the Wellness Committee for approval before your event (note: drinks as shown in the photo will not be covered for wellness events). 

Wellness Fridays will also start in August where we will be having fun lunches on Fridays with yummy food and possibly involving some vitamin D time outdoors. 

We do want you to take care of yourselves! Just like Amy, Bing, and Rong, who took time to groom their nails together after a day of working hard on Santa Monica hospitalist.

We truly look forward to sharing this year with all of you. Please come to us with anything!



(Just to decode this for those who are wondering: Kristin, Olawale, Zen, Yoo, Christine, Howard-Anderson, Faysal)

CCABGS disPATCH: May 2016

CCABGS disPATCH: May 2016


Thank you to all for a fun, memorable, and productive retreat in Oxnard.  It was great to see the classes in red (R3), white (R2), blue (R1), and green (R4) come together and show their pride!







Special thanks to the Medicine Band, Ultrasound, with special guest Dr. Friedman who kept us entertained with some concert-quality jams!


Secret is out! The fantastic future chiefs were announced.  Congrats to Daniel Kozman, Delani Gunawardena, Yihan Chen, Michael Ayoub, David Dai, Mark Duncan, and Kelley Chuang!!!


We just got word that Erin Noren won for her clinical vignette oral presentation at ACP nationals out of thousands of submitted abstracts!  Make sure to congratulate her!


Mark your calendars...Graduation is June 3rd.  Come ready to say goodbye to our talented PGY-3 & 4 classes who will be sorely missed!  Everyone, please send us your accomplishments. Seniors, please also send us a baby and adult photo.  Submission details can be found in Sara’s 5/5 email.


Solomon Scholars is June 14th and a great opportunity to show off your scholarly work.  We are working on maximizing the availability of residents to present and support their fellow co-workers. More details to follow.


Thank you all for such an amazing year! We are so grateful to have had this unique and rewarding experience thanks to you. We are sad to go but know that we are leaving you in great hands with Kristin, Sun, Faysal, Christine, Wale, Angelica, and Jess!



Be Well,

CCABGS logo1.jpg CCABGS.jpg

CCABGS disPATCH - April 2016

In March, we had our very first Clinical Pathologic Correlations Conference featuring R2 Catherine Matthys, 3 medical students, 1 chief, 1 radiologist, 1 pathologist, 1 master clinician, and hematologist Dr. Rosove...whew!  Our master clinician (Dr Friedman herself) included the correct diagnosis, HLH, on her differential below.




Chief’s Favorite FREE phone apps:

  • Evernote: staple for writing organized notes and snapping pictures of lecture slides to include. All notes including photos are completely searchable!

  • NSQUIP: surgical risk calculator estimating cardiovascular risk of surgery given multiple patient risk factors.  Part of the 2014 ACC/AHA Perioperative Guidelines for non-cardiac surgery.

  • UpToDate: You all know this website well...but did you know that you can get it on your phone and access it from a non-UCLA network as long as you connect with UCLA wifi once per month?

  • GoodRx: Both an app and a website that you can use to find the cheapest pharmacy and meds for your patients! Can be a lifesaver and is great to get a sense of differences in costs amongst different medicines. #HVC

  • ASCVD Risk Calculator: Use to calculate the risk of cardiovascular disease with statin recommendations.  Also can use .ascvd on Care Connect.

  • MKSAP 17: Great for doing boards questions on the fly! #R3problems

  • QxCalc: Has almost all of the most commonly used equations so you don’t have to remember them.  You can even create a list of favorites for your most commonly used equations.


Zotero  https://www.zotero.org/

  • Free downloadable program that organizes and automatically updates in-text references.  

  • You may want to download extra plug-ins to fit your exact citation style (such as American Heart Association).

  • Add references using PubMed IDs


Brenton gave a great talk about applying to fellowship. Click  here for a link to the slides.


Things to do in LA...


Get excited….Spring Retreat is coming up 4/27-4/29!!!!  We have a productive and fun agenda in the works and are looking forward to seeing you all!  Make sure to thank the residents, fellows, and hospitalists who will be covering for you!

Be Well,

CCABGS logo1.jpg


CCABGS disPATCH - March 2016

Thanks to Firm A for hosting an incredibly fun and successful bowling night through the Wellness Committee! Strikes all around!  Also thanks to everyone who came out to Mom’s Bar for Chiefs’ Night Out on 2/27...it’s been a pretty social couple of weeks for us!




The first ultrasound elective led by Jason Williams, Pete Paull, and Danny Kahn allowed residents to learn diagnostic ultrasound through a variety of lectures, simulations, and ultrasounding real patients. They were even lent their own personal V-scans to use throughout the hospital and at home on unsuspecting friends and family!





As a part of the CCABGS Quality Contest, residents participated in a prioritization exercise to help select a QI project for each of the five firms. The winners are eligible for additional educational funds and will be announced at Spring Retreat.


Speaking of spring retreat, get ready for some fun in the sun in Oxnard, California. Us CCABGS may or may not be preparing a very serious multimedia presentation already!




Be Well,


CCABGS logo1.jpg


Happy 2016!



The holidays are over, but we are still having a blast at Reagan, Santa Monica, the VA, Olive View and Harbor! A huge shout out to all of our residents who cared for patients over the holiday season. All of us in the chief's office appreciate your time and dedication.



CCABGS (Colin, Cody, Alex, Brenton, Gurveen and Sara)



Wellness: May 2015

After a fantastic discussion on Wellness at retreat, we wanted to follow up with a consolidated list of resources for Wellness and Mental Health right here on campus. We will also be creating a Wellness tab under the Housestaff Tab on MedRes which will include these resources, as well as, any others that we collect. 

UCLA Mental Health Services for Physicians in Training (MHSPT) http://gme.medschool.ucla.edu/body.cfm?id=110

Through UCLA Graduate Medical Education, you have access to confidential, responsive (including 24-hour emergency), cost-effective options for mental health resources.   Mental health providers are off campus, yet easily accessible, and aware of residents’ busy schedules. Whether you just want to see what services are available, want to talk once or on an ongoing basis, or are in crisis, the person to contact is Paula Stoessel, Ph.D. (Phone: 310.206.8976, Pager 17200, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).  You may contact her using any of the above modalities depending on the urgency and your preference.  She will act as the gatekeeper to a variety of services. 

Ombuds Office http://gme.medschool.ucla.edu/body.cfm?id=109 

A confidential person to whom you may raise a variety of concerns: Workplace conflicts, harassment and discrimination, policies and procedures, insensitivity to matters of race, gender, or sexual orientation, abuse of power, and ethical problems. The primary contact is Tom Kosakowski  (Phone: 310.825.7627, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

Help Lines http://gme.medschool.ucla.edu/body.cfm?id=57 

The UCLA GME website includes additional information on Mental Health Services, the Ombuds office, Compliance Hotline, Abuse-Free Community leaders, and the GME director.

UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center http://marc.ucla.edu/ 

Through UCLA, also check out the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center.  Among myriad opportunities, information about research, and programs, the website includes:

-       Free guided meditations ranging from 3 to 19 minutes in length which can be played online or through iTunes: http://marc.ucla.edu/body.cfm?id=22 

-       Weekly Guided Meditation Sessions from the Hammer on various themes (e.g. Letting Go, Working With Different Emotions), and available on podcast: http://marc.ucla.edu/body.cfm?id=107 

Healthy UCLA http://healthy.ucla.edu/ 

A campus-wide campaign to promote health and wellbeing among students, faculty, staff, communities, and the environment.  See links for “Eat Well”, “Move Well”, “Mind Well”, and “Be Well” for calendars of weekly events, online resources and blogs, and courses.







We love you. Take care of yourselves. 

Work hard. Play hard.
Feed your minds. Feed yourselves.
Explore and be happy.
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